KYOCERA SGS and Rapid Tooling Solutions enhance machining performance at TDX Thermodynamix

Jun 16 in News

Tooling innovation and shared technical expertise have led to significantly enhanced machining results for thermoforming specialist, TDX Thermodynamix.

Gateshead-based company, TDX Thermodynamix, part of the AMB group, wanted to improve the performance of its aluminium block rough machining process by reducing cycle time, surface finish and overall costs. The business called on North East technical cutting distributor, Rapid Tooling Solutions, to help it achieve this.

Rapid Tooling Solutions recognised that its exclusive North East partner, KYOCERA SGS, offered the right mix of tooling expertise and technical insight to identify innovative answers to the problem.

Significant machining enhancements

KYOCERA SGS worked closely with Rapid Tooling Solutions and TDX Thermodynamix, using its new APR4 and APF tools to accelerate aluminium removal rates for the frame machining process. The tools enabled the efficient application of a new trochoidal milling method for TDX Thermodynamix, resulting in a host of machining and business benefits, including:

  • More stable machine applications
  • Removal of three tool paths from the process
  • Reduced cycle time and machine costs
  • Better surface finishes
  • Reduced need for manual adjustments
  • Maximised profits and overall cost savings.

APR roughing results

KYOCERA SGS’s APR tool streamlined the machining process for the front face of the frame, taking it from a one depth cut at-10.00mm depth. To a total depth of -60.00mm (2x30mm deep). Width of cut was increased from 4.5mm to 6mm and feed rate increased x3 from 2000mm/min to 6000mm/min massively increasing the metal removal rate. For the back face, roughing required just one tool instead of three. An estimated contact time of 3000 minutes on the cutter significantly increases tool life compared to the previous method while the cutters can be re-ground, creating further cost reductions.

APF finishing results

KYOCERA SGS applied its APF tool to improve surface finish quality and reduce the duration of the finishing process. This led to an increase in finishing tool feeds and speeds and finishing depths of cut. With the tooling more stable and versatile, the new finishing method provides consistent match-up with no visible lines from stepping down, no tool shank rubbing, excellent surface quality and reduced cycle time, with the potential to be improved even further in the future.

Building on success

These excellent results have led to Rapid Tooling Solutions implementing KYOCERA SGS’s APR and APF tools on all 16 machines on site at TDX Thermodynamix, as well as making the tooling available through a new on-site vending machine.

The success of the technical partnership has inspired TDX Thermodynamix to involve Rapid Tooling Solutions and KYOCERA SGS in a number of other projects. One of these is addressing the company’s challenges with deep wall finish machining. Early tests have already proven successful, with KYOCERA SGS tooling reducing the current cycle time from around four hours to just 20 minutes.

David Stringfellow, Sales Engineer at KYOCERA SGS said:

“We were delighted to be able to work with Rapid Tooling Solutions to support TDX Thermodynamix. We are always looking for new ways to address industry challenges and apply our technical knowledge and tooling to allow companies to get more from their machining processes.”

Graeme Brash, Technical Sales Engineer at Rapid Tooling Solutions, commented:

“At Rapid Tooling Solutions, we’re always focused on adding value to our customers’ manufacturing strategies. We were proud to work in partnership with the team at KYOCERA SGS to achieve this for TDX Thermodynamix.”

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