Enhancing customer service with a highly innovative ERP System

Jul 20 in News

KYOCERA SGS switched their ERP system to Sapman v12 but the new system required some state-of-the-art developments to connect and automate every aspect of KYOCERA SGS’s stock management and sales logistics processes.  This innovative automated sales order system is enabling KYOCERA SGS to streamline and simplify how it gets products to its customers.

The technology completes 95% of all of the company’s sales logistics operations automatically, enabling the processing of hundreds of sales orders without any human intervention at all. It gives KYOCERA SGS the capacity to process many hundreds of sales orders in one eight-hour shift.  As well as making the company better prepared to scale up rapidly and respond to changing industry priorities, the new system also frees up its team of Sales Engineers for other key tasks.

The technology loads sales orders automatically from an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), analyses stock across multiple locations and even reviews what’s available from suppliers to automatically calculate lead-times, allocate available stock, produce picking tickets and control scanner-based warehouse activities. The highly ambitious project demanded a high level of innovation on both sides.

Hugh Welch, Managing Director, Kyocera SGS said:

“We are always looking to enhance the way we support our customers and ensure they receive the products they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. When we saw the scope of the technology, we recognised its potential to significantly increase our flexibility in the way we manage orders and help our customers.”

KYOCERA SGS’s drive to innovate was a great match with Sapmanv12’s agility, in what its Founder and Managing Director, Alastair Fraser, says:

“At Sapmanv12, we’re used to complex requests, we challenge our clients to ask us to constantly improve our software.   This project is the most challenging we have completed in many years. KYOCERA SGS were the most ambitious company that we’ve ever worked with in terms of how automated they wanted their sales order process to be. It’s a real privilege to be able to flex our muscles and build this technology for them.”

The technology has enabled both companies to advance their potential – with more innovative changes set to be implemented in the near future. In addition, the rapid RoI of the software implementation has given additional financial benefits to KYOCERA SGS.

To learn more about Sapmanv12, go to: https://sapmanv12.co.uk/



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