World Environment Month 2024

Jun 06 in News

­čîŹ Celebrating World Environment Month with the UN and the world! ­čî┐

As part of Kyocera Group, we believe that environmental protection is not just an initiative, but a core part of our management philosophy.

We are embracing the concept of the circular economy – a system where products and services are designed with reuse in mind, maximising value by reducing the use of new resources. At KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools Europe Ltd (UK), we have implemented this through initiatives like reviewing reusable packaging materials and recycling scrap carbide and swarf. We are also reducing our energy use significantly by installing more efficient heating/cooling systems, utilising smart tech to control and reduce energy use and all our electricity used is zero carbon.

This message has been shared with all employees of the Kyocera Corporation:

President and Representative Director
Hideo Tanimoto

Thank you all for your hard work every day.
I would like to say a few words on the occasion of “Kyocera Group Environment Month.”

June 5 is designated by the United Nations as World Environment Day. Various environmental initiatives are being implemented around the world.

The Kyocera Group has designated June of each year as “Kyocera Group Environment Month” in order for each and every employee to recognize the importance of environmental protection and further promote environmental protection activities. In this fiscal year, the main theme is resource recycling.

Up until now, economic activities have been conducted in a one-way fashion: production, use, and disposal, and the mainstream approach has been to promote the so-called 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) for waste generated. However, due to the limited amount of natural resources and the capacity to treat waste, it is said to be unsustainable in the long term, and the concept of the circular economy is attracting global attention. The circular economy refers to a recycling-oriented system in which products and services are designed from the point of creation in economic activities with the premise of reuse, and existing products are not wasted and their value is maximized by reducing the use of new resources. The Kyocera Group’s business activities include reviewing the materials used for packaging and recycling used products and parts.

Water resource problems are becoming more serious due to climate change, population growth, and increased economic activity. Reducing water consumption and promoting water recycling are becoming increasingly important. The Kyocera Group is promoting environment-friendly businesses such as the inkjet textile printer “FOREARTH” (Foreas), which uses as little water as possible.

In addition, it is important for each employee to take sustainable actions based on what is close to them, such as choosing products with a long product life. We hope you will use this month as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of resource recycling and promote activities that take the global environment into consideration. Let us fulfill our corporate social responsibility so that both society and the Kyocera Group can develop sustainably.

This World Environment Day, let’s reaffirm our commitment to being the ‘generation of restoration’ and strive for a sustainable future by integrating the principles of the circular economy into our daily lives.


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