Medical Industry

The Medical sector continues to grow as new biocompatible materials are found and the life expectancy of people in the developed world extends further. In addition, health issues such as disease,  trauma, arthritis and obesity are also helping to the drive demand for Medical implants. With this ever-increasing demand, and the challenges presented by new materials, comes a drive for more efficient, stable and cost-effective manufacturing processes.
The drive to reduce costs has never been more in focus following recent worldwide economic issues such as the Coronavirus crisis.

The CNC machining of surgical implants presents many challenges. These include small-scale machining or micromachining, because implanted devices often consist of very tiny components, and machining difficult materials such as titanium, cobalt chrome, and stainless steel materials often used in medical devices because of their non-reactivity with the body. Issues with the removal of coolant used in manufacturing have also led to new solutions for cooling the machining process such as C02 gas. Working closely with medical manufacturers we have developed many new and innovative milling and drilling solutions designed specifically to overcome the challenges faced by the Medical market.

Kyocera SGS have a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf high performance tooling for all medical machining components, including:

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