Customer Care

We want to be the authority of choice in machining next-generation demanding materials.

We strive to advance productivity through our creative thinking.

We offer our clients unique solutions and support, including helping them to solve difficult project challenges in their markets.

Our sales engineers and technical team explore our customers’ goals and work with them to reduce setup times and machining cycle times, improve quality and process reliability through the design and manufacture of specialised tools.

We are a solutions provider rather than just providing high-quality tools.

It is this that sets us apart from our competitors. We do more than just produce tools; we employ a highly skilled technical sales team, who often think of completely different ways of giving the customer what they need rather than just using off-the-shelf products. They even go as far as developing new concepts and geometries to ensure we meet whatever their need may be.

Your first point of contact is with our Customer Service Department. Our team are delighted to assist with orders, quotes, queries and general enquiries. They can help you choose the correct tool for your requirements, and our Technical Department is available for more specialist advice.

You can call +44 (0) 1189 795 200 or email: