SGS Tool Wizard

The Tool Wizard® has proven to be a trusted platform in the market to calculate KSPT speed and feed calculations and recommend tools in the portfolio.


We continue to support this commitment by providing a new web-based platform that delivers a sleek and streamlined user experience to access over 12,000 SGS standard catalog tools.

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  • An intuitive three-step process of selecting Material, Application and Tool allows for a seamless transition from the legacy Tool Wizard® platform.
  • Updated CAD models displaying tool application scenarios for an enhanced user experience.
  • Dynamic filters that allow the user to easily find the optimal tool at the click of a button.
  • Enhance shop productivity by using KSPT calculated speed and feed recommendations with the new feature allowing for the adjustment of RPM and IPM parameters.
  • Save time and time drive efficiencies by referencing historical searches to access previous calculations and print results.

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