Modified Tools

We are a solutions provider rather just providing high-quality tools. We employ a highly skilled technical sales team, who often think of completely different ways of giving you what you need rather than just using off-the-shelf products. We are able to modify our catalogue tools, to meet your requirements. This could be as simple as a non-standard radius or chamfer.

A modification can be classed as any change to a standard catalogue item.

Changes to a standard product include:

  1. Length reduction
  2. Corner
  3. Length of relief
  4. Shank lock
  5. Chip breaker
  6. Jet streams
  7. Coating


How we work

Our technical sales engineers are based all of the UK and Europe, so we are never far away from your manufacturing offices. This means, we are on hand to visit you in person and review your processes. We will explore your goals and work with you to reduce set-up times and machining times, improve quality and process reliability through the design and manufacture of modified or specialised tools.

We have CAD/CAM software support and offer on-site customer training, in addition to product development trials.

Once we’ve agreed on a modified tool – specifically designed for you, we can stock these for you, so they are ready when you are.

If you would like to meet with one of our sales engineers, please fill in the form below.

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