We’ve pioneered some of the industry’s most advanced carbon composite router technology. Our routers effortlessly machine complicated composites and laminated materials, plastics and other non-ferrous materials without delamination or work-piece edge integrity degradation.

High Performance Compression Router for Finish Milling CFRP

Compression | Series 25 and 25M

A major challenge in machining with composite material is preventing ...

High Performance Router for Heavy CFRP Applications

Coarse Cut Carbon Composite | Series 31-CCR and 31M-CCR

The addition of the Series 31 geometry adds the benefit ...

High Performance Carbide Router for CFRP Materials

Carbon Composite Router | Series 20-CCR & 20M-CCR

KSPT carbon composite routers were designed for maximum performance in ...

High Performance Router for Plastic Composites

Plastic Composite Router (PCR) | Series 29 & 29M

Using the latest in engineering design and grinding capabilities, the ...

All-purpose performance routers

Performance Routers

Our performance routers are manufactured right along side our high-performance ...