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Titanium is one of the most important materials in modern machining and engineering. It has applications in nearly every industry and new uses are being found every day. At SGS we pride ourselves on excellence in engineering and we specialise in machining titanium. With that in mind, we are creating a comprehensive bank of information and resources on machining titanium and its alloys to help you better understand the different types of titanium and streamline the machining process.

Titanium Information

Our titanium 101 page is designed to help you understand titanium. It has information on titanium, titanium alloys and the properties of titanium. This can help you understand what type of titanium best fits your customers’ needs and how to work with the unique properties of individual alloys. It also has background on titanium including how it is extracted, its properties and microstructure, and its most common applications.

Titanium Machining Information

There are a number of considerations when machining titanium. These include machining methods, fixtures, tips and tooling. If done wrong, titanium machining can be costly, time consuming and wasteful. When done right it can be incredibly profitable with a low turnaround time. Our resources can help you understand how best to work with titanium. We can also provide information to help diagnose any problems you may be facing or help you make economies where possible.

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History of Titanium
History of Titanium

Titanium was first discovered in 1791 by William Gregor a Cornish Clergyman and amateur mineralogist; while studying sand deposits in