Creating added machining advantages for Hystat Systems

Jun 03 in News

KYOCERA SGS has proved once again that small but innovative changes can lead to big benefits for industry.

By applying its problem-solving approach, KYOCERA SGS was able to develop more advanced radial roughing strategies to create cost savings and other advantages for Hystat Systems.

Hystat Systems is a UK market leader in the design, manufacture and repair of heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders, accumulators and semi-rotary actuators. The company manufactures a wide range of cylinder types and sizes ranging from 40mm to over 1100mm at its purpose-built site in Huddersfield.

Hystat Systems asked KYOCERA SGS to recommend a part to replace the radial roughing tool it was using to manufacture a stainless-steel flange top for the oil and gas industry. The new part was required to provide greater efficiency and cost savings.

Taking a more holistic approach

The team at KYOCERA SGS recommended looking holistically at the company’s manufacturing process as this had the potential to create more savings and other benefits. They spent time at the Hystat Systems facility, assessing its processes and creating an initial batch to check whether the part suggested would be suitable.

By applying this problem-solving approach rather than simply providing a part, the process went from one which relied on traditional machining techniques to using newer, more advanced radial roughing strategies. It now incorporates KYOCERA SGS’s Z-Carb AP and Series 33 end mill which features the latest in engineering design and grinding capabilities.

Reduced costs and cycle times

This change has resulted in a 64% reduction in cycle time and in the number of tools used from four to three. Reducing the size of the tool has lowered its overall cost. The updated machining process has also improved the aesthetic appearance of the part while leading to a decrease in the number of tool breakages.

Tony Theaker at KYOCERA SGS said:

“We were delighted to be able to work with Hystat Systems to enhance their manufacturing process. In enabling them to adapt their machining strategy, we increased their tool life much more than if we had just changed their tools. By supporting these kinds of changes, we help companies like Hystat Systems to maximise the potential cost reductions and productivity gains at every stage of the manufacturing process.”

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