Kyocera SGS collaborate with Openmind Hypermill to bring home the silverware at MACH!

Apr 15 in News

MACH 2024 is set to be the event of the year in this years metalworking and manufacturing calendar and to celebrate this the teams at Kyocera SGS and Openmind Hypermill have collaborated on an exciting machining challenge.

With the UEFA Euro2024 Championships being held this June in Germany we took our inspiration from the amazing trophy that is awarded to the victorious country’s team and while we have high hopes that one of the home nations will bring it home this year, we thought we should make our own…just to be sure!

Our incredible R&D Team here at Kyocera SGS created a 3D model using their CAD skills, starting from scratch they created a prototype using our inhouse 3D printer.

After refining and once we were happy with the design, they scaled it up to a 2/3 original size and then created the programme in the innovative OpenMind Hypermill software. With the incredible support of Principal Applications Engineer, Jon Shortt, Theo Cray and Damian Ward from our Kyocera SGS team showcased their programming skills.

Using our newly commissioned GROB G350 we spent a week perfecting and machining the trophies, made from a solid Aluminium Billet. Using LANG Technik work holding, this was a true testament to our technical partnerships.

Using our high performance range of standard tools the trophy emerged from the cylindrical billet. The S-Carb APR 3, renowned for it’s high metal removal rates was used for roughing the trophy, first using 5 axis milling to create the general shape by constantly rotating the table, then by using 3D milling to rough away the excess such as where there are overhangs. Finally, used to open the bore in the top of the trophy. 10,000 RPM, ~3600mm/m Feed

S-Carb 3 Flute was next up, milling away excess material in corners, helical drilling and opening the holes for the handles. Also used to deepen the bore in the top of the trophy. 12,000 RPM, ~3240mm/m Feed

The S Carb 3 Flute Ball Nose tools at 16mm and 6mm with our TB Coating was used for roughing out hard-to-reach areas such as between the handle and the overhang and for the finishing to a smooth finish. The 5 axis Z-level finishing with a 0.5mm stepover in a spiral from top to bottom over the entire part. This was the longest operation in the program. 14,000 RPM, ~1960mm/m Feed

The Series 3XLM 4mm endmill provided details such as the notches at the bottom of the piece.

Finally the 2 flute ball nose micro tool range was used for 5 axis engraving details such as the Kyocera SGS and OpenMind logos and the decorative lines. 16,000 RPM, ~213mm/m Feed

We are so pleased to unveil these showpieces on both the OpenMind and Kyocera SGS Stands at MACH 2024 and we hope that we have many visitors to see these incredible pieces of machining in reality.



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