Putting people first

Dec 17 in News

“Look after your staff and your staff will look after your customers”. While this is easy enough to say, it isn’t always put into practice in business. But at KYOCERA SGS, a culture of inverting traditional “top down” management approaches is empowering employees to be fully engaged and to innovate. Not only is this demonstrated in the way that the company operates day to day, it has also been proven by the results of its latest staff satisfaction survey. As well as 97% of staff taking part in the survey saying that they would recommend KYOCERA SGS as a workplace to family and friends, 95% feel that their own personal values align with those of the company.

With KYOCERA SGS putting an emphasis on linking individual effort with business development, the survey has shown that 93% of staff understand how their role contributes to achieving organisational success.

The significant level of employee engagement in the annual survey also shows a company-wide dedication to making a contribution. The highest number of staff ever chose to participate in this year’s survey, with a response rate of 91%!

These results were achieved at around the same time as the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the KYOCERA Corporation, Dr Kazuo Inamori, received the title of Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE). In addition to his many other achievements, Dr Inamori’s focus on empowering people has taken KYOCERA from the business created when he was 27 with no staff to having over 70,000 employees worldwide.

While KYOCERA SGS are proud of the survey results, they see them as providing direction for the future rather than being simply a reason to celebrate. Having recently having relaunched their company vision and values, they recognise that there’s always more to be done to develop the business and meet the changing needs of industry. Great things come from supporting employees and enabling them to innovate and contribute fully. At KYOCERA SGS, as the responses to the staff satisfaction survey suggest, putting people first is even more than a guiding philosophy. It’s a way of life.

To learn more about KYOCERA’s vision and values, go to: https://kyocera-sgstool.co.uk/about-us/our-vision-and-values/


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