The one-hit approach to strengthening the aerospace industry

Jul 22 in News

It’s not often that an event lives up to the very values it is promoting. But the latest KYOCERA SGS Lunch & Learn event, which was all about one-hit single operation manufacturing, did exactly that.

With more than 50 delegates from leading manufacturing companies heading to the company’s Wokingham office to gain an insight into Single Operation Manufacture and Optimisation of Complex Components, the event gave them a one-hit opportunity to meet and mingle with many others in their sector, accelerating the whole networking process. This was of course supported by the usual informal ambiance for which the KYOCERA SGS Lunch & Learn events have become known and appreciated!

Despite the focus of the event being on weighty industry issues such as applying new technologies to make time savings and reducing the costs of manufacturing machined aerospace and automotive components, it would be easy to mistake this networking event for a club, thanks to the level of conversation and laughter which took place throughout the morning. As Scott Ravencroft, Sales Engineer at CGTech, one of KYOCERA SGS’s partners and co-organisers, along with LMg, IMS Software Air Turbine Tools and GROB Machine Tools, commented: “The Lunch & Learn event has been very well received. It’s a great joint event.”

The one-hit approach applied to the talks too. They kicked off with KYOCERA SGS’s Antony Theaker outlining the benefits of single operation set-up, followed by Andy Nicholls from LMg giving an insight into single operation titanium optimisation and highlighting the link between efficiency and profitability. Next, Tim Hall from IMS Software outlined the intelligent software process and Scott Ravenscroft of CGTech shared details of updates in VERICUT Force.

The talks were followed by a live demonstration of cutting tools creating complex components in KYOCERA SGS’s state of the art education centre and demonstration room. The feelgood factor didn’t end there, thanks to a tour of the KYOCERA SGS facility and an impromptu quiz with special prizes! Andy Nicholls from LMg said:

“It’s probably one of the best events I’ve been to. There are lots of interesting people here – not only customers but also many potential new customers.”

Just as one-hit manufacturing can speed up productivity so can a well-planned event help to bring an industry closer together, as Tim Hall, Director of IMS Software, commented:

“Even though many people here are in competition generally, today they can interact and share ideas. It’s a good environment. I think this event has really shown the value of bringing all of the different disciplines together.”

As Louis Hill, Managing Director of GROB Machine Tools, added,

“Customers are here from our network and we can see ten to fifteen of them under one roof. It’s great to be able to touch base with multiple customers in one hit.”

Each business in the aerospace industry is just one part of a whole landscape. To create a truly successful and sustainable sector, companies need to work together. By creating a space where industry leaders can talk, catch up and gain new insights, the KYOCERA SGS Lunch & Learn events are helping to make that happen.


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