ICe-Carb | Series 140 8xD

The design of the ICe-Carb Series 140 was created to bring end users the ability to achieve higher performance results with higher production demands. The internal coolant design allows for better control of machining temperatures during these types of applications, while the geometry features provide effective and efficient chip creation and removal. The results of the Series 140 design are reduced cutting loads, increased operation parameters and enhanced tool life.


Coolant Through Design

  • Promotes controlled and consistent operating temperature
  • Improves coolant flow to the cut while maintaining strength
  • Increases tool life at increased operating parameters

High-Performance Flute Design

  • Optimized open fluting
  • Improved surface finish through effective chip evacuation

Polished Ti-NAMITE-A coating

  • Reduces friction between the chip and tool preventing the impediment of chip flow
  • Decreased machine loads associated with chip clogging
  • Reduce friction reduces heat and abrasion wear

High Penetration 140 Degree Point Geometry

  • Split point geometry for improved drill penetration and accuracy
  • Cam relief drill point
  • Self-centering design with high penetration capabilities

Engineered Cutting Edges

  • Precisely ground with a curvature that allows efficient chip creation and control
  • Controlled edge honing for longevity
  • Negative corner position strengthens and protects


Cutting Diameter 3,0-3/4
Shank Diameter 6,0-20,0
Overall Length 72,0-243,0
Flute Length 34,0-190,0
Cleared Length 29,0-160,0
Shank Length 36,0-50,0
Coating Ti-NAMITE-A


  • Cast Iron
  • Non Ferrous
  • Hardened Steels


  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Automotive
  • Mold & Die
  • Casting & Foundries
  • General Engineering