Tibial Tray Components & Solutions


The final element of a total knee replacement is the tibial tray, which supports the upper part of the implant. Typically, tibial trays are made from titaniumand cobalt chrome.
Like all medical components, the tibial tray presents challenges in terms of surface finish and productivity requirements.


SGS has a comprehensive range of off-theshelf high-performance tooling with features such as variable pitch, helix, and rake and edge preparations, making them ideal for machining difficult materials such as titanium and cobalt chrome. SGS have developed new high-feed geometries that significantly reduce cycle times whilst at the same time minimising burrs.

Milling of titanium and cobalt chrome
SGS were the first cutting tool manufacturer to launch variable geometry tooling on to the market. Our high-performance tooling range has features such as variable pitch, helix, and patented rake and edge preparations. These features, combined with the highestquality substrates and coatings, result in tools that maximise metal removal rates, thus reducing cycle times, and and therefore improving productivity.

H-Carb milling solution
Our new H-Carb product range is ideally suited for high-speed roughing (profiling, trochoidal, dynamic) machining of titanium and cobalt chrome. The lower cutting forces generated by the H-Carb make them ideal for lower-powered machines and components with lower clamping / work-holding.

High feed milling solution
Using the same geometries and quality substrates as in our high-performance range, SGS has developed a high feed cutter solution that combines small depths of cut with high feed rates resulting in increased metal removal when compared to conventional milling. The increased feed rates can significantly reduce cycle times when machining tibial tray components, whilst the stability of this type of tool helps to maximise surface quality and tool life.

You can see our tools in action machining a tibial tray.