New Kyocera SGS Brochure highlights innovation for medical manufacturers

Oct 22 in News

KYOCERA SGS have launched a new brochure to help medical manufacturers increase capacity and reduce costs.

KYOCERA SGS are dedicated to enabling manufacturers across a range of industries to find new ways to drive up productivity. The company is known for its off the shelf products, but is also recognised for its success in supporting many companies to find innovative solutions to long-standing problems. This is reflected in the new brochure which features tooling ideas and approaches for medical component manufacturing.

Dave Colton, European Sales Director at KYOCERA SGS, explains:

“The CNC machining of surgical implants presents many challenges. Companies may have grown reliant on more traditional approaches to making complex medical products and dental implants.

Our new brochure provides insight into how medical manufacturing companies can adapt their machining parts and processes to accelerate their performance.

We look forward to working with medical manufacturers to help them resolve their production challenges and respond more effectively to new opportunities.”

You can view our new brochure here:


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