Keeping customer service at the heart of business

Nov 04 in News

Customer service is all too often treated as something separate to a company’s core operations. But for precision tooling innovator, KYOCERA SGS, it is integral to their own success and that of their customers. They are recognised globally for their industry-leading solid carbide cutting tools. But, for them, that’s just the beginning. Their focus is on being a solutions provider rather than simply a provider of high-quality tools.

While KYOCERA SGS’s Customer Service team offers high quality and responsive initial help, the standard of care goes even further in order to provide a supportive, direct and innovative relationship with customers. At the heart of this is the company’s Technical Sales team, with Sales Engineers who bring extensive experience and knowledge from many areas of engineering and CNC machining. With a proud culture of problem-solving, their goal is to find innovative ways to address tough engineering challenges.

When contacted by a new or existing client, the Technical Sales Team’s first approach is to assess not only the perceived problem but the actual one. So, rather than simply matching customer requirements with a readymade product, KYOCERA SGS’s Sales Engineers will look at each customer’s proposed and existing application and purpose to formulate the best way of maximising processes and productivity.  They will work closely with the customer to understand how a modified or unmodified KYOCERA SGS cutting tool can best help them achieve their goals. This process of problem solving often involves asking a question that hasn’t yet been asked or finding new ways to look at familiar problems. It means that KYOCERA SGS’s Sales Engineers often think of completely different ways of giving the customer what they need rather than just using off the-shelf products. They even go as far as developing new concepts and geometries to ensure that the customer achieves their goals. It’s a track record which demonstrates that real success comes from combining great products with personalised customer service.

KYOCERA SGS are proving that there’s much more to customer service than people might think. There is problem solving, looking afresh at long-standing challenges and identifying new ways to maximise performance. Exceptional tooling products are just the beginning.

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