KYOCERA SGS stays loyal to value innovation at MACH 2018

Mar 05 in News

The 2018 MACH exhibition is approaching fast and, as always, we are delighted to participate in this exciting biennial event. The show has witnessed the evolution of our company, and this year we are determined to raise industry standards once more with the introduction of our latest patented machining technologies.

Before being acquired by The KYOCERA Corporation, SGS had already created a legacy when it developed and launched the Z-Carb. This was the first tool to incorporate Variable Helix and Variable Pitch, which set a new market trend at that time.

Since then, improving our customers’ productivity through our creative thinking has become our mission, which has taken the whole organisation on a continuous improvement journey. This has led to further developments of our technologies, positioning KYOCERA SGS not only a High Performance Cutting Tools manufacturer but as a Technology Partner, capable of delivering highly effective and efficient machining processes to the Aerospace, Motorsport and Medical industries.

At this year’s MACH, we are astound the industry once more with the launch of two of our newest patented products, aimed at changing the way cuttings tools are applied to Aerospace Engine manufacturing.

In this segment our latest innovative manufacturing processes can be divided in two categories:

  • Blade Slot Manufacturing
  • Hole Making Process

Blade Slot Manufacturing:

We have developed tooling and cutting strategies to machine the slots where the engine blade locates.

We have also created an effective remanufacturing process to bring additional savings to the end user.

With clever tool designs, and the addition of specific features during the tool progression, we have come up with a staging process to reduce amortised costs and reduce lead times on costly pre-formed blanks. This is a patented method that has taken several years to develop, in house and in partnership with our customers.

The main productivity improvements delivered to customers with this process are:

  • Cycle time reductions from 15% to 50% depending on the process
  • Consumable tooling cost reductions of up to 75%
  • Dramatic tool life increase on finishing operation
  • Superior surface finish
  • Superior dimensional accuracy
  • 100% conforming parts

Hole Making Process:

In our continuous endeavour to identify, anticipate and satisfy the market needs, our R&D team brought an existing technology from the automotive sector and adapted it to the current hole-making processes carried out by engine manufacturers. The result has been a set of combination tools that drill, mill, bore and chamfer in one shot (or combinations of these features) and which are capable of generating great productivity improvements, such as:

  • Lower amortised tool costs
  • Cycle time savings
  • Unique multi-operation tooling – all in one tool
  • Inventory savings (up to four tools in one)
  • Free up magazine capacity in machine
  • Lower tool-holder costs (less required)
  • Less tool-change time
  • Reduced set time and in-process checking (only one probe cycle required)
  • Reduced component mismatch between tooling

The above are great examples of what our organisation is capable of creating and delivering to customers who are determined to take their productivity to the next level.

This is just a taster, and as a curious engineer, you would like to find out more, wouldn’t you?

Please get in touch now and learn more about our Total Process Innovation.


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