KYOCERA SGS ramps up eco-friendly initiatives with Environmental Awareness Month

Jun 17 in News

KYOCERA SGS continue to work hard to ensure that the support they provide to manufacturers comes at less cost to the planet.

The company have designated June as a dedicated Environmental Awareness month, during which they will take a special focus on driving forward their eco-friendly initiatives.

As part of this, KYOCERA SGS recently set up an environmental steering group at their European HQ.

Alongside supporting their work towards achieving the ISO 14001 environmental standard, the new group will also take the lead on upcoming green initiatives, including:

  • Addressing the company’s use of plastics
  • Investigating LED lighting to significantly reduce operating costs and energy usage
  • Exploring carbon offset or renewable energy policies
  • Looking at ways to reduce energy consumption with chillers and oil pump equipment.

In addition to bringing in two full electric cars and several hybrids, the company offers a budgetary incentive on company cars.

These initiatives build on KYOCERA SGS’s already significant progress in reducing their carbon footprint, from food waste recycling to movement-activated lighting to consolidating shipments.




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