Kyocera launch new conical barrel tool range

Oct 05 in News

KYOCERA SGS is continuing to revolutionise tooling applications with the launch of a new conical barrel tooling range.

Available now and with patents pending, the new products are an important addition to the company’s innovative offering to manufacturers.

Competitive comparison has proved that their unique features and design provide unrivalled performance through machine time savings of up to 90% and a four-fold increase in tool life.

The new KYOCERA SGS conical barrel tools significantly enhance finishing and semi-finishing strategies on a wide range of components.  As a variation of a taper ball-nose tool, their performance exceeds that of a typical ball nose tool with wider step-over distances required, shorter machine time and fewer cuts.

The tools are designed for many different applications, such as highly efficient finishing and semi-finishing, profiling, pocket milling and milling faces and blending with one tool. They are also effective in hard-to-reach areas and for machining steep or flat planes with minimal curvature.

The tooling range offers a number of significant benefits to manufacturers:

  • Efficient production due to shorter machining times with the same or better surface quality
  • Increasing tool life while simultaneously reducing the number of tools required
  • Spindle growth and machine position tolerance due to thermal properties being compensated for by a large tool radius.

David Colton, Global Sales Director at KYOCERA SGS, comments:

“At KYOCERA SGS, we are continually looking for new ways to help our customers respond effectively to changing industry demands. Our conical barrel range tooling range, supports this goal.  We look forward to advising manufacturers on how the new tooling can support their ongoing development. This continued innovation will ensure that KYOCERA SGS is the global centre of excellence for solid cutting tool solutions.”

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