Combination Tooling

Combination tooling, also known as multi-tools are capable of performing multiple operations.

Our combi-drill solution offer a reduction in the number of tools required for each hole. The drilling of stepped holes and chamfers can now be combined into one tool that delivers a stable, accurate process that reduced both cycle times and tooling costs.

Typically a combination tooling would replace 3- 4 tools. This would give you up to 60% cost savings on tools alone. Then there are the process time improvements from things such as the machine not having to change tools and the travel time on the axis of the machine. Its difficult to give precise data as there are so many variables such as the number of processes.

Benefits of Combination Tools

  • Less tools
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Lower consumable costs
  • More accurate – less mismatch between operations
  • Reduced probing & checking cycles
  • Reduced number of tool holders
  • Free up machine magazine space

Everything you need to know about our Multi-tool range or Combination tools is explained in our video: