Z-Carb AP | Series Z1

With conventional end mills, the cutting teeth entering and exiting the material creates a natural rhythm that results in damaging harmonics. Harmonics produce a frequency that resonates through the entire tool, resulting in one of the most damaging forms of cutter wear known as chatter. Chatter degrades the quality of your finish. Until now, your only choice was to adjust your operating parameters to account for the limitations of your conventional end mill. With its patented, one of a kind geometry, the Z-Carb AP offers three stages of chatter suppression, resulting in the quietest, most stable milling experience available.


Three Stages of Chatter Suppression

  • Unequal flute spacing helps disrupt rhythmic patterns created by the cutting edge of typical end mills, which helps suppress the development of damaging harmonics.
  • The patented unequal helix design aids in eliminating the damaging harmonics that occur during typical machining by changing the angle at which each cutting edge enters and exits the material during the milling process.
  • The rake angle is the main factor that determines the size and shape of the chip, as well as the pressure and temperature of the cutting zone.

Other notable features:

  • Enhanced corner geometry with tight tolerance corner radii
  • Long reach designs available
  • Ti-NAMITE-X Coating – reduces edge wear up to 66%, extends tool life up to 70%, and produces 321% smoother surface finish compared to conventional end mills.


Cutting Diameter 1/64″-1″ / 1,0-25,0
Length of Cut 1/32″-1 1/2″ / 3,0-38,0
Overall Length 1 1/2″-6″ / 57,0-140,0
Shank Diameter 1/8″-1″ / 6,0-25,0
Corner Radius .003-.125 / 0,1-6,0
Coating(s) Ti-NAMITE-X
Special Options JetStream, Weldon Flat


  • Cast Iron


  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Automotive
  • Mold & Die
  • Casting & Foundries
  • General Engineering