At KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools (KSPTE) we manufacture industry-leading solid carbide cutting tools.

We focus on special cutting tools, tool modifications and regrinds, in addition to our catalogue items of high-performance end mills, routers and drills.

We specialise in solving difficult project challenges on behalf of our customers in the aerospace, medical, power generation and motorsports markets. By applying specialised tooling and methods we help solve our customers’ goals, this could be reduced cycle times and set up or improved quality and process stability. In many cases, we can achieve all of these.

We offer tools that, quite simply, do the job better and at greater machining efficiencies.

All our tools – catalogue, modified and specials are made from solid carbide. Carbide material enables faster speeds and feeds. It also retains its hardness at higher temperatures so it can be worked harder to cut faster with less wear.

Our products include:

  • Catalogue Tools: We keep in stock thousands of different end mills and drills to suit your requirements.
  • Modified Tooling: This is where a customer-specific modifications are applied to catalogue cutting tools.
  • Special Tooling: This is where cutting tools are produced specifically to suit the customers’ application requirements.
  • Coatings: Sputter coatings for cutting tools used for hard, high-speed and dry machining under elevated loads.
  • Re-grinds: When you buy and use our products, we offer a re-grinds service.

As a result of our vast product offering and as testimony to the level of excellence we provide, our extensive client base includes internationally renowned companies.

If you are interested in our products and services, you can contact us directly or via our distributor in your country.


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